1Password Keyboard Shortcuts and Bookmarks

1Password from Agilebits is a password, form-filling and identity manager that fully integrates with your browser.

In the video above I take a look at :

1. Why you might need a password manager like 1Password.

2. A quick overview of the key features of 1Password and how the Password Manager works in 1Password.

3. How to use the 1Password Keyboard shortcuts and Safari Bookmarks.

The key 1Password Keyboard shortcuts are;

Fill Login

⌘\  {Command + Backslash}

Automatically logs you in to the website that you are browsing. When you have only a single Login item for a site, it will be filled and submitted. If you have more than one Login, you will be prompted to select the one you wish to use.

Show Extension Popup

⌥ ⌘ \  { Alt + Command + Backslash}

This simply opens the browser extension.

Type to Find

Once you open the extension, you can simply begin typing the name of the Login you’re looking for to locate it. Pressing Return will open the Login’s URL, fill in your credentials, and log you in.

Changing the Keyboard shortcuts

It is possible to change the keyboard shortcuts by going into the 1Password preferences and clicking on the logins tab.


Browser Bookmarks

1Click Bookmarks are exactly what they sound like. A Bookmark in your browser that will take you directly to your site and log you in. This works for most web browsers, I use Safari in the video.

Creating a Bookmark

First you must have a saved login for the website that you want to create a bookmark for. Then open 1Password and your web browser. Select the Logins tab in the 1Password window under Vault. Scroll down to the website entry in the Logins Tab and then drag and drop the entry onto the browser bookmark bar.

Safari Bookmark

When you drag the bookmark onto the Safari Bookmark bar, you can edit the bookmark name and press return to enter.

Using the Bookmark

Simply click the bookmark and it will take you to your website and log you in.

If you want to learn more about 1Password, take a look at my previous post that goes into more detail on 1Password’s features.

If you don’t already have a copy of 1Password you can buy a copy on the Mac App Store. 1Password is also available for iOS as well.



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