CheatSheet helps you learn Keyboard Shortcuts (Review)

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Keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way to do things faster, but with the wide variety of software we all use it’s hard to remember all the different shortcuts. CheatSheet – Stefan Fuerst is great free utility that shows you the available shortcuts of the active application after holding the ⌘ (Command Key) for a few seconds.

Keyboard Shortcuts can greatly increase your productivity in frequently used Applications for commands that you tend to repeat. For example using bold to emphasise words in word processing applications. Moving the mouse from the text entry area to the menu and back again can really slow you down compared to say using ⌘ + B. The trouble is, learning keyboard shortcuts can be painful. Shortcuts are often displayed next to the Menu Command, and it is worthwhile trying to remember shortcuts for frequently used commands. Or use a utility like Cheatsheet to give you a pop-up window to display all the keyboard shortcuts for the active application.


You can download Cheatsheet from the Mac App Store (it’s currently a free App).

CheatSheet - Stefan Fuerst

or from the developers website.

The App runs in the background, and you can configure the App to automatically run when you start your Mac. Once installed press and hold the  (Command Key) to activate the App. Then click the Options Cog Wheel in the bottom right corner of the App.

Cheatsheet click cog

Then select Launch at Login, and then release the  key.

Cheatsheet Login

Using Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet can be activated  by keeping the  key pressed down by default for 2 seconds, but if you find that you are accidentally activating the App, you can increase the ⌘ key delay by moving the delay slider in the Options Cog Wheel to the right. When you have finished with Cheatsheet, release the  key to return to your App. You can also select the command that you want in Cheatsheet by clicking the command name with your mouse.

If you need to Quit the App for any reason, press and hold  to bring up the App Window, click on the Options Cog Wheel and select Quit with the mouse.

Cheetsheet supports many of the common Mac Apps, but not all of them.

Trying to learn all the commonly used keyboard shortcuts at once may be difficult. If you learn to use a just new one each time you use an App, then you should find it much easier to remember them over a period of time. Make sure you learn the ones that you are likely to use the most first.

Cheatsheet is free and is available on the Mac App Store.

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