Folders to put your favourite iOS Apps at your fingertips

If you have built up a collection of iOS Apps that spread over a number of screens, it can be a chore to navigate to a particular screen to run your favourite App. The iOS folders feature enables you to create a folder with up to 12 ( iPhone) or 20 (iPad) Apps. What many people may not know is you can replace the Apps in your dock (which remains static as you swipe screens) with one or more of these folders. Now you can have your favourite Apps with you, no matter which screen you are on.

To create a Favourite App folder do the following;

1. Tap and hold on any app’s icon on your device, until all the icons start to jiggle. You will see them move on the screen and any apps you have installed will also have a little x in the top left corner.

IOS Folders 1

2.  Tap and drag one of the apps you’d like to put into a folder onto a second app. Try and avoid tapping on the little x in the top left, as this will delete the App, but don’t panic if you do, as you will get a confirmation dialog, before the App is actually deleted – just click ‘Cancel’.

IOS Folder 4

3. iOS will create your new folder and  give the folder a default name, based on the category of the Apps. You can change the suggested name to something more suitable like ‘Favs’. Then tap to confirm the name.

IOS Folders 3

4. Now tap and drag the folder to the Dock at the bottom of the screen. If there are already 4 (iPhone) or 5 (iPad) Apps or folders in the dock already, the you will need to tap and drag at least one out to make room for the new Favourites folder.

IOS Folders 4

5. Now add any further Apps by tapping and dragging onto the Favourites folder. Click the home button when you have finished, and the App icons will stop jiggling.

IOS Folders 5

Congratulations you have created a favourites folder, that you can access from any of your iOS App screens.

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