How to Print from the Mac Reminders App

Apple’s new Reminder’s App in Mountain Lion and Mavericks (and iOS 6/7) is a great way to store reminders. However if you need to share your reminders with someone who does not have a Mac with Reminders, or an iOS device you are stuck, as Apple does not provide any way to make a hard copy of a reminders list in the App. In this article I will show you a quick and simple workaround to make a hard copy of your reminders.

First open Reminders on your Mac. Either click on the Reminders icon in your dock, or click on the Spotlight search icon in the top right of your Menu Bar and start to type Reminders, as soon as you see it highlighted then press the Return key to open.


Click on the Reminder List you want to print, in my example ‘shopping list’. Click on the first item in the Reminder List that you want to Print. Press ⌘A to select all, or from the Reminders menu click on Edit > Select All.

Note: Mavericks has made selecting the entire list a little more tricky, but it still works. You need to make sure you have at least one item is highlighted on the list, just click to the right of the text description, so that the entire row is highlighted then Select All or ⌘A to select all the items in the list.

Reminders Select All

Now copy all the selected reminders by pressing ⌘C or from the Reminders menu Edit > Copy.

Reminders Copy

Now open Textedit (or your text / word processing application of choice) by clicking on the Spotlight icon on the Menu bar and typing TextEdit, then pressing return as soon as you see TextEdit selected. Click the New Document button in the lower left corner to open a new blank document. Press ⌘V ( or from the TextEdit menu choose Edit > Paste) to paste your reminders in.

Fullscreen 27 01 2013 10 58

Now you can print your reminders list as normal by pressing ⌘P (File>Print).

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