Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS X Open & Save Dialog

File Save Dialog


Rather than use the mouse to browse to a location to open or save a particular file, try to learn these handy keyboard shortcuts instead to save time and make you more productive when opening or saving a file.

Spacebar – View the selected item in Quick Look

+D – changes focus to your Desktop

+Shift+A – Changes focus to your Applications directory

+Shift+H – changes focus to your Home directory

+Shift+N – Creates a new folder.

+Shift+Period (.) – Toggle hidden files & folders on and off.

+Shift+G – Brings up Go To Folder window

Tab – Tab key auto-completes paths and file names from the aforementioned Go To window

+R – Reveals the file in Finder

+F – Move the cursor to the Find field

+Period (.) – Close the Open/Save dialog window

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