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Writing efficient emails

We send and receive many emails each day. Sadly we receive too many that are poorly written. These create more unproductive time as we try to wade through long indecipherable text, to work out what the sender is trying to say or ask for. The purpose of this article is to take a look at some of the steps to enable us to write better constructed emails.

Should you send an email at all ?

So many times I have seen people ...

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TextExpander – A must have Mac App

TextExpander logo

One way to become more productive is to take as many shortcuts as you can, lets face it typing the same thing over and over again can get boring fast. TextExpander from Smile Software ($34.99) manages repeated typing for you. TextExpander lets you create extended text entries (which it calls snippets) that are automatically entered for you ...

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How to increase your email productivity

email graphic

Be honest is your inbox out of control? Is it full of read and unread emails? Are you constantly scrolling up and down your inbox deciding what to do next? Then you may want to think about a system to get it under control. A proper process to manage your email will increase your productivity, make you more focused on service delivery and reduce your stress levels. These days, ...

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