A simple manual To Do form

ToDo A4

While there are some great task management applications for the Mac, like Things and OmniFocus, sometimes a simple manual system can help you better manage you tasks. Or it could be part of a manual capture system, that you can use to enter into your task management App when you have time.

I developed this simple To Do form many years ago and still use it on a regular basis. It’s very flexible and can be used to capture your actions from meetings, raising to do items on a project, or giving someone else some tasks to complete. I wanted to share this form, as many people over the years have seen me use it and wanted their own copy.

The form has a field for the context of the tasks e.g. ‘project X’, or ‘Points from review of financial statements’. The form has a column for a Time Estimate. This is a rough estimate of the time to complete the task. This can either use as a guide if you are giving this to someone to complete the task. If the task is your own, you can quickly scan down the list of tasks to see what you can complete in the time you have available.

The resolution column can either be used for notes, or a summary of how the item or task was resolved. For example it could be the answer to a question posed in the task.

When the task is complete or the item is resolved I just strike a line through it, so I know it is done.

The form is in pdf for either European A4 or US Letter paper sizes. You are welcome to download and print out the forms.

To Do Form Pdf A4

To Do Form Pdf US Letter

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